Wakker worden met: Syd Wilder

Het is prettiger wakker worden naast een vrouw dan in een leeg bed, daar zal iedere man het over eens zijn.

Syd Wilder

En als je het dan toch voor het uitkiezen hebt... Juist, dan doe je het direct ook goed. Syd Wilder probeert het aan alle fronten, actrice, cabaretier, schrijver, model en dat vooral met heel veel vrolijkheid en energie. 


Na het overlijden van Hugh Hefner plaatste Wilder een emotioneel bericht op social media want hoewel ze nooit een Playmate of een Bunny geweest is gaf ze aan dat Playboy nogal wat impact op haar gehad heeft. Ze heeft ook enkele keren met Hefner kunnen feesten want haar zusje was wel een Playmate. 


STORY-TIME: SWIPE FOR PIX!! So sad to hear about the passing of the legendary @hughhefner. His magazine has and will always have a significant impact on my life. Growing up I would look at the @playboy pictorials and analyze every detail of the images. Trying to replicate the set and attitude of the models with my CLOTHES ON because I thought they were so cool at the time. The Girls Next Door show was also kind of a big deal at that time so it made @playboy much more popular. I really loved reading the party jokes on the back of the centerfold as well! I was obsessed with Leroy Neiman's sexy party joke character Femlin! The main photo I posted was inspired by his character. My middle sister was also a Playmate and some of my close friends are Playmates. I say I kind of grew up with @Playboy because wherever I went in LA I was constantly around someone who had a @Playboy affiliation. I wasn't particularly close with Hef I only briefly met him a few times but he was always very gracious and his parties were the best! I'll never forget my first party at the mansion which was his 80th birthday party! (I may have been too young at the time to attend but I never let that get in my way) The memories, work opportunities and friendships I've created through @playboy have been extremely special to me and it's all thanks to the one and only @hughhefner. My life wouldn't be nearly as entertaining if I didn't have @playboy in it! He created his own world and lived an incredible life to the fullest!! Today I celebrate his life and give thanks to him for unknowingly introducing me to some of my favorite people and giving me many opportunities to work with @playboy with MY CLOTHES ON!!! I'm very much looking forward to seeing how his legacy lives on!!! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends during this time!!! Rest In Peace to the OG Playboy @hughhefner!!! ?????????? ***I'VE NEVER BEEN NAKED IN PLAYBOY*** In 2015 I was named Top 10 Hottest YouTubers and I've collaborated on several videos with them but I've always been clothed.

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Please excuse delay on daily Inspo Fam!! It's been a crazy week!! "You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, but you don't dwell on it. You don't let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space." Johnny Cash ? Anyone else a JC fan? He is one of my favorites!! I legit think I saw Walk The Line about 20 times when it came out!! So excited for my birthday weekend and to have my bff / soul sister @nicolemariewhite back in LALA with me!!! We're going to paint the town with pink and purple glitter!!! #suicideprevention #september #believeinyourself #loveyourself #spreadlove #bekind #givetheloveyouwant #staystrong #youarenotalone #stayhopeful #stayinfaith #keephopealive

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