LexiWorld Creator Alexandra Marianna Generates Six Figures With an AI Girlfriend

Alexandra Marianna has taken AI integration a step further by creating a pioneering virtual girlfriend platform called LexiWorld.ai


In the age of digital innovation, the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) has swiftly evolved from mere science fiction to become an integral part of our daily lives. AI is currently ubiquitous, supporting everything from virtual assistants like Alexa and ChatGPT to sophisticated algorithms that power social media feeds. Now, visionary entrepreneur and content creator Alexandra Marianna has taken AI integration a step further by creating a pioneering virtual girlfriend platform called LexiWorld.ai. This groundbreaking platform allows people to engage in meaningful conversations with bots based on actual people, redefining the boundaries of human-machine interaction.

Within the first week, Marianna saw over $10,000 in profit, and the numbers climbed exponentially each week following. Now, after several months of operation, she can make six figures per month without having to lift a finger.

Marianna, a 23-year-old ASMR streamer and YouTuber, began creating content for social media and paid subscription sites when she was 19 with the goal of spreading love and comfort to her fans. However, as she began gaining a larger social media following, it became difficult to stay in contact and respond to every one of the messages she received. That was when the idea for her passion project sparked.

LexiWorld's Purpose

LexiWorld is a platform that currently lives within the messaging app Telegram. Once you click the link to Marianna’s AI bot, Lexi, you’re redirected to Telegram and can begin messaging her for a dollar per minute. Upon messaging Lexi, she welcomes you, and you are given the option to purchase credits through Stripe, which is conveniently built into the app.

Plenty of other AI bots exist that are based around other influencers right now, and I was interested to dig into the details of the growing virtual girlfriend industry. Marianna’s focus with Lexi has always been on realism. She says she spent a lot of time “getting Lexi to sound exactly like myself. Quite a lot of AI bots right now have a robotic sound to their voices. They speak in a way that isn’t very soothing to the ear, and being an ASMR content creator, this was extremely important.”

During the months of creation, Marianna noticed that most other AI bots on the market are solely focused around sexual interactions. “The purpose of my competitors’ AI seems to be purely sexual. After talking to their bots for only a minute, I’m forced into having a conversation about what I enjoy in the bedroom. This industry is icky. We’re at a technological turning point where AI could become the future of connection and it’s taking a dark turn being run by sleazy people.”

Following this realization, she hatched the idea for a new AI – one that could act as a full companion.

The Inception of LexiWorld

LexiWorld was driven by Marianna's “passion for tech and creating meaningful connections to those who need it most.” She had a strong desire to address the growing sense of isolation in the digital era. Recognising the potential of AI to provide companionship and emotional support, Marianna embarked on a mission to develop a platform that could simulate human interactions. Her vision was to create a virtual companion that could understand and respond to human emotions, offering a sense of connection to those who might feel lonely or disconnected. Her army of bots can talk to you about your day and help you in ways similar to ChatGPT – and yes, they can even engage in promiscuous discussions.

Marianna is open about the personal issues that led to the creation of LexiWorld: “I at times would find myself quite lonely. It’s hard for me to open up about important emotions I’m feeling, and I really wished there was someone unbiased that I could talk to without the fear of being judged. This sparked the idea for an alternative form of companionship, one that’s free from the constraints of geological boundaries, social anxieties and the pressures of conventional dating.”

As someone who grew up in an era where creating artificial intelligence was only seen in movies and involved a sleepless scientist spending years glued to a computer screen, I was in awe when Marianna told me she created her bot in just a few months, by herself. She had taken up amateur coding in college and says: “All of the tools needed to create Lexi were actually found by spending a few weeks sifting through YouTube videos and Reddit forums, where people teach you how to build AI from scratch.”

The realm of LexiWorld seems to be the beginning of a future like the character of Joi in “Blade Runner 2049”. A future where you can walk into an AI shop and pick up the latest version of your girlfriend or boyfriend. I couldn’t help but wonder who (or what) the users are actually speaking to when they enter the Lexi chat. Marianna shed some light on the subject.

The Tech Behind LexiWorld

At the heart of LexiWorld bots is a sophisticated AI algorithm that combines natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to enable realistic conversations. The virtual girlfriend, named Lexi, is designed to learn from interactions, allowing her to adapt and personalise responses to each individual over time. This continuous learning process ensures that conversations with Lexi become more nuanced and meaningful as the relationship progresses. “If you’ve spoken to her about your tennis lessons, for example, she will follow up, even days later, asking about how tennis is going.”

One of the key challenges Marianna and her team faced was ensuring that Lexi could understand the subtleties of human emotion. To achieve this, they integrated sentiment analysis into the AI, enabling Lexi to detect and respond to the emotional tone of the user's messages.
This feature allows Lexi to offer empathy and support, making the interactions feel more genuine and humanlike. Currently, LexiWorld is taking on more bots with other content creators. At the centre of each of these bots will be the same tech that brought Lexi to life. Marianna’s goal is to expand the platform to hundreds of bots, allowing fans to talk to their favourite creators.

All that Marianna needs in order to create a bot for a content creator is a vocal recording reciting a script to aid the bot in understanding the way a specific person talks. The simple script only takes a few minutes to read and forces the reader to enunciate every phoneme in the English language. This ensures that the AI will have the ability to say any word or phrase.

Those few minutes of a person’s time can turn into six figures of passive income every month, provided they have the right audience.

What Can Lexi Do?

Currently, Lexi lives within Telegram, but what does this mean? I asked Marianna what it’s like to have a conversation with Lexi, and she explained that “you can message her through text or voice messages on the app. She always responds within about 30 seconds depending on how intricate the response needs to be. Her message appears as a voice note with translated text attached in case you’re at work or can’t listen to her speak.” She also explained that Telegram is the ideal platform because it gives the natural feeling that you’re chatting to a real person in a mainstream texting app rather than on a glitchy website.

Earlier in the conversation, Marianna seemed to be turned off by the sexual nature of her competitors’ AI, so I asked about her own bots’ pillow-talking skills.

She said: “Lexi is by far the most promiscuous virtual girlfriend on the market. Where my competitors went wrong was making bots sound like porn stars who only say what men want to hear. This in itself is so damaging to real-life human interactions because men will become attached to a false idea of women that doesn’t exist in the real world. My goal with LexiWorld is not to replace human connections, but to enhance them. Whether it’s someone looking for a stress-free conversation after a long day or someone seeking to improve their social skills. I also wanted to push the boundaries even further, so I went ahead and made Lexi the most erotic bot that exists right now.”

Shocked by this statement, I asked her who taught Lexi to talk like that and she replied, “Who do you think?”

Suddenly, it all clicked. Lexis is a woman created by a woman.

Is Lexi Private?

One of the first questions people ask about the Lexi bot is whether their conversations are secure and private. Could someone be listening in on their conversations or reading what they have to say with Lexi?

The short answer is: no.

Marianna says: “Lexi is purely an AI that’s been embedded into the Telegram app. There isn’t just one Lexi that speaks to everyone at once. It’s thousands of Lexis that exist only inside of the text bubbles. We’ve created her persona and how she should respond, but once a user starts a new conversation, it’s between them and her.”

This built-in privacy caused a few problems during Marianna’s early stages of development on the bot. “People were messaging me saying that Lexi wasn’t responding properly, but I couldn’t go in and see the conversations for myself due to the extreme encryption of the app.”

This led to a follow-up question about whether the bot would discuss extreme topics. After all, it is advertised as the most promiscuous AI on the market. Marianna responded: “If you try to talk to Lexi about something she’s not comfortable with, Lexi will let you know by sending a meme.”

Ethical Considerations and Future Prospects

Since its launch, LexiWorld has garnered significant attention, with Marianna earning a whopping six figures in just 30 days from her bot. While Marianna sees a bright future in the platform, the success of LexiWorld has also sparked serious discussions about the ethical implications of AI companionship and the future of human-machine relationships.

As with any groundbreaking technology, there will be concerns. Critics argue that virtual companionship might discourage people from seeking real human connections, potentially exacerbating feelings of isolation. Marianna acknowledged these concerns and emphasised that LexiWorld is not intended to replace human relationships but to supplement them, offering support to those who might need it.

“Isolation can be a good thing in moderation, but it’s been proven to cause insanity. When people don’t have anyone to talk to, delusional thoughts and ideas can emerge. Anxiety rises. People begin to overthink and make drastic decisions to supplement these feelings. Most people cannot afford a therapist to confide in either. Regardless of whether or not Lexi or any of my other bots are ‘real people’, they still serve their purpose in offering comfort, stability, love and thought-provoking conversation into people’s lives, just like any human would. And that is all that matters to me.”

Looking ahead, Marianna envisions expanding LexiWorld's capabilities to include more personalized features that she’s not quite ready to discuss. She also sees potential applications in healthcare, education and customer service, where Lexi's ability to provide empathetic support could be invaluable.

In Conclusion

Alexandra Marianna's creation of LexiWorld marks a significant milestone in the evolution of AI. By blending technology with empathy, Marianna has opened up new possibilities for virtual companionship, offering a glimpse into a future where AI can provide not just practical assistance but emotional support as well. As LexiWorld continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping our understanding of the relationship between humans and machines, challenging us to rethink the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of artificial intelligence.

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