Darwin Del Fabro Celebrating Non-Binary Identity with Their Fashion Revolution and Gender-Inclusive Arts

Styling has more to do with one’s personality than it does with impressing others.


‘Dress to impress,’ a shared notion and concept, holds little significance in today's world. People, for ages, have firmly believed in this concept, which led them to some huge fashion and styling blunders. Those who try to dress up to win hearts usually become a laughingstock as what they choose to wear is not aligned with their personality. Unfortunately, even as the world progresses, many still have not let go of this belief and continue to focus on garnering attention and seeking validation by dressing in a way that ‘others’ would approve. Saying that people have got the meaning of fashion and styling wrong is not an exaggeration.

Style and personality

Styling has more to do with one’s personality than it does with impressing others. People need to realize that what they wear reflects their personalities. Wearing something that does not match one's personality will negatively impact their outlook. The most accurate way to describe style is to wear something that aligns with a person’s individuality, allowing them to feel comfortable. While there are numerous style icons to look at, there is one that proves that styling, while keeping their personality, taste, and comfort in mind, can really help them stand out. Darwin Del Fabro, the Brazilian non-binary actor, singer, and producer, and now a style icon among their community, is setting an example.

Style influence

Darwin is an emerging artist who came into the limelight after being featured in the gay conversion camp-set slasher film They/Them. While they are known for gender non-conforming acting roles, Dariwn’s fashion sense has recently caught the attention of many. When Darwin appeared in an interview with Baltimore Outloud, they were asked what influenced their style. Their response perfectly fits their persona because Darwin practices what they preach. “Everything! It’s always changing! Style is about finding things you feel comfortable within your skin.” They further emphasized the significance of exploring and experimenting to find their voice through styling. “Today, you can have a little more freedom between feminine and masculine clothes. I hope more people have the freedom to explore and change. Fashion is always changing, but the fun thing about it is having that freedom to explore.”

Instead of sticking to one trendy look, everyone is going with, it is wise to keep exploring until they land on something that screams their personality while offering them complete comfort. With his noticeable sense of style, Darwin is making waves worldwide. While his contributions to the entertainment sector have garnered much attention, as a three-time Academy Award nominee and recipient of the Tony Award and Golden Globe, his fashion sense is turning him into a global sensation.

A Sneak Peek into Darwin Del Fabro’s Success as a Non-Binary

Besides having a fashion sense that is class apart, Darwin Del Fabro is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment sector. Darwin moved to the United States from Brazil in 2017, and since then, their efforts to make it big in the industry have not come to a stop. They first established themselves as a notable new voice in the country by releasing their album, Revisiting Jobim, in NY. They performed this at Feinstein’s 54 Below, which led to further fame and recognition. Not only did they acquire a standing in the music industry, but they did pretty well as a theatre artist and producer. Among them was A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Feather Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree, and Tank’s off-Broadway play Real. All their performances led to some excellent reviews. After these phenomenal performances and garnering such great reviews, it was hard for them not to get noticed. This was when they got their big break, getting cast in They/Them, a John Logan film. Getting cast by the three-time Oscar nominee is one thing, but for him to say that the particular role was created with a specific person in mind is an entirely different stature of success. This is what happened with Darwin. In one of his public appearances, John Logan stated that the role of Gabriel, played by Darwin, was created with him in Logan’s mind. Now, if this is not an artist's success, what is?

Play in New York

When Darwin was 14 years old and living in Brazil, they created a play about two painters. It received much acclaim in Brazil, but they did not know it would be adapted by someone as great as John Logan. Darwin moved to New York years after creating the play, and they met John Logan. During their interaction, Darwin was confident enough to ask him if he would like to adapt their play. Now, in 2024, when Darwin Del Fabro is 27 years old, this is actually happening. They are now producing the same play in New York on June 28th this year after John Logan adapted it. Darwin is not only producing it but also starring in it. It is a milestone in their career as this would also be their directing debut. While they were already on their way to making it big as an actor and producer, they are now stepping into the world of directing. When discussing setting a vision and making it happen, Darwin Del Fabro is a name one cannot overlook.

With their exceptional sense of style that scores high in terms of comfort and unparalleled talent, Darwin Del Fabro stands atop when it comes to celebrating non-binary identity. There are many non-binary celebrities, but not everyone making it big emphasizes enough comfort-based elite styling sense. Darwin Del Fabro is, indeed, establishing a firm ground for all other non-binary artists who believe they can never make it big.

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