Overal in Australië tref je naakte vrouwen aan

Australië heeft niet alleen veel mooie vrouwen maar ook heel veel prachtige locaties. De combinatie van beide is dan ook...

Australië heeft niet alleen veel mooie vrouwen maar ook heel veel prachtige locaties. De combinatie van beide is dan ook meer dan aangenaam. Het Instagramaccount getnakedaustralia verzamelt foto's van Australiërs die op mooie plekken in hun land de kleding uit trekken. Niet op een ordinaire manier  maar onder de noemer van''body positivity.'' Met zijn allen happy bloot in de natuur. Wij kunnen het natuurlijk alleen maar toejuichen, zeker als je ziet dat het merendeel er gewoon helemaal prima uitziet.

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Wanneer je naar de Instagrampagina gaat tref je ook naakte mannen aan, dus je bent gewaarschuwd. Wij hebben hieronder natuurlijk gewoon alle mooie dames verzameld. Het account doet het best aardig inmiddels hebben ze bijna 50.000 volgers weten te verzamelen.

I have been told all my life that I was "too much". I was too loud, too noticible, too strong, too free, too emotional, too independent. I talked too much, I disagreed too much, I did things too differently. ? For years I've carried the guilt of being too much wherever I go, and assumed I had to lower myself, my voice and my feelings so that I could fit in with what I was supposed to be as a woman. "Women who travel alone are crazy", "Getting naked is not embracing your body, is looking for men's attention", "You talk too often about feelings", "Don't disagree, just do what everyone does, that's how is supposed to be"... I could go on for ages with all the things I've had to listen to my whole life. All the people that told me how wrong I was for being different. All the ones that asked me to sit down and shut up, because things are the way they are and "young rebels" won't change the world. All the ones that attacked me and tried to hurt me. ? And after all this years, here I am. Free of guilt. Detached from the idea of having to follow society's standarts to fit in. Embracing my truth, for there is the only one my heart can follow. I felt missplaced for so long, and only in the moment I accepted myself and decided to embrace everything that I naturally am, speak up and stand strong for everything I believe, like minded people came into my life. Now being surrounded by strong queens I can say, there is no such thing as being "too much". Strong empowered women lift each other, encourage each other and honour each other. And so do men. ?? Here I am connected to our mother, swimming with a sister, raising my voice loud to say "I AM WORTHY" No one can make me feel that I am not. I won't allow it. Neither will my sisters. We'll stand up for our believes, we'll aim for a better world and we'll look after each other. ? Here is, again, to empowered queens. Being too loud, too emotional, too strong, too different. WE ARE WORTHY, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL, WE ARE PERFECT, WE ARE LOVED. WE ARE LOVE, WE ARE THE CHANGE. . . ? @sigridtasies . .#getnaked #bluemountains #nationalpark #like4like #lookout #yogi #earth #hike #embrace #itsjustabum #getnakedaustralia

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Get Naked Australia is proud to promote The University of Sydney's Veterinary School's nude calendar which has become a yearly tradition for these students. This years calendar is about raising money and finding homes for greyhounds. As a USYD alumni myself, and obviously a fan of body positivity and getting naked, I love this idea! If you would like to purchase a calendar and support them, head over to www.freerangevets.com #getnaked #usyd #calendar #like4like #nakedcalendar #charity #greyhounds #hike #embrace #itsjustabody #normalisenudity #freethebooty #l4l #getoutside #freerangevets #bodypositivity #bodyconfidence #nakedfriends #whynot #alumni #experience #bucketlist #nakedadventures #nakedinnature #getnakedaustralia

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When we are born into this would we are born naked and closely connected to the spiritual world, and from then we learn that we must cover our bodies and close off to what our third eye allows us to see as society tells us it's wrong and that we are crazy. Well let me begin by saying that having a wild imagination is the key to a creative and happy life and you should never close off to what you see and feel beyond your physical eye sight. Embrace the energies around you and start to tune in to natures vibrations more. Embracing your beautiful naked body will help allow you to do that on a more deeper level as you begin to connect with Mother Earth. Im not suggesting you go running through a busy street naked but more so find a peaceful flowing creak or a calm mountain to allow yourself to be one with nature. After all it is 100% natural and I promise you it will help calm and cleanse your soul . . ?@louna_sea. . . Amazing contribution here! #getnaked #happiness #freespirit #nudists #like4like #skinnydipping #wildswimmingaustralia #hike #embrace #itsjustabum #normalisenudity #freethebooty #l4l #getoutside #outdoorliving #thegreatoutdoors #bodyconfidence #adventure #hiking #explore #experience #travel #bucketlist #nakedadventures #nakedinnature #getnakedaustralia

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